[PD] Cross-platform uniform GUI rendering of patches.

Lucas Cordiviola lucarda27 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 21 23:05:00 CET 2017

>> Ok, if that's the case then I would suggest not to add a user-facing font-metrics option.


>i'd also like to add, that we should not (ever) add an option with the
sole purpose of working around bugs.

Is it a bug?

>if you consider the slightly different font sizes a bug (and i gather
you do), then we should find a solution to the bug itself (rather than
provide an easy way to make everything worse).


>if you only consider them an annoyance, you might want to investigate in
creating a gui-plugin that fixes the problem.

We have a problem.

>(it seems that currently, Pd-gui signals the font metrics back to
Pd-core, which will (among other things) trigger Pd-core to load it's
libraries. it might be worth entangling *that*)

Yes, I cant override or change the variable “font_metrics” set @ line 127 from “pd-gui.tcl” using a gui-plugin.

Is it posible?

I still think that shipping dejavu and hard-code Pd-extended metrics is full of goodness.



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