[PD] Cross-platform uniform GUI rendering of patches.

Derek Kwan derek.x.kwan at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 08:16:57 CET 2017

> maybe makes sense to show a normal weight version of the patch for
> comparison...
> quite less poluted if you ask me, and it's not like I cannot read the patch
> as well for not being bold too...

> >> I don't really have a strong point, at the same time I also do not
> >> think that one is much worse than the other.
> >>

I think the comments look better with the regular font but I think it's
fine to have the objects as bold. Esp with diff weights of fonts, it's
easier to pick out the objects at a quick glance. I think that could be
particularly helpful since Pd vanilla (at least without any tcl plugins)
doesn't distinguish objects from the rest of the other things on the
canvas with different colors or fills.


Derek Kwan

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