[PD] Different versions of iemguts library in Deken

David dfkettle at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 17:17:05 CET 2017

No, I haven't tried purr data yet. When I have more time, I will, but I
need to get this working quickly. Because I couldn't find the latest
version of the library for Linux, I ended up ditching iemguts, since the
only thing I needed was 'initbang'. I developed a workaround, so now I
don't need it. I just added another inlet to the subpatches that used
initbang, and send it a bang from the main patch when it's loaded.


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> Have you tried purr data? if it doesn't work, let's make it work there...
> v0-0extended is a version name I also find very confusing... it means it is
> from Pd Extended as it was when it was last released in the Pd 0.43
> Extended version.
> So, whatever was in Extended when it dies, is up in deken as
> "*v0-0extended*"
> but I think it would make much more sense to put these libraries there with
> their actual version number.
> cheers
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