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Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 21:51:52 CET 2017

2017-03-02 17:20 GMT-03:00 Roman Haefeli <reduzent at gmail.com>:

> > since the suer/global folders aren't created (anymore),
> From what I remember, they have never been auto-created.

the user folder is created by extended

> And it wasn't an issue at all before Deken, since you either installed
> something through package manager, which creates all necessary directories,
> or you compiled something yourself and usually installed it with something
> like 'make install', which took care of the necessary directories, too.
> Only since Deken exists, it's a question who or what creates those


yeah, but not everybody uses linux, and being a mac user myself, I never
had to use a package manager or compile stuff.

> I opened ticked [1] for Deken, so that Deken prompts you whether you want
> to install to the user specific folder and creates it on confirmation.
> IOhannes  already went ahead and implemented it. :-)

wow, that's awesome, I had missed it, thanks a lot indeed <3

> But the thing is that it prompts you for downloading to this folder
> > which is not writeable anyway... even though it will fail.

> So I wonder and ask if it really skips an option if the folder is not

> writeable.

You mean in linux, right?

Yeah, that's what was happening in windows, it was asking to download to
the application, and failing it. When I brought it up, the reasoning was
that this is the operating system's fault, not Pd's.

And while it may not be possible for linux, it works just fine in Mac Os
and Windows... so, well, deal with your operating system I guess?

In windows, all I had to do was to edit the folder's permissions to make it
writeable, then deken could download it to the application folder as I

> From what I understand, Deken prompts you only for directories where
> the user as write permissions for.

If you gave yourself write
> privileges to the application specific or global search paths, yes,
> then Deken will ask to install there, if it doesn't find a user
> specific folder.

As I mentioned in a previous message here, it prompts you in windows to
write in the application folder even if it is not writeable, and even if it
fails if you ask it to download there. Maybe it skips but eventually
prompts it as a last resource? I don't know...

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