[PD] how-do-i-install-externals-and-help-files page (was Re: Linux Global folder for externals)

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Mar 2 23:25:05 CET 2017

On 03/02/2017 10:26 PM, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
> 2017-03-02 18:08 GMT-03:00 Roman Haefeli <reduzent at gmail.com>:
>> Deken should not ask you to download there, if it can't write there. If it
>> still does, it might be a bug.
> it's just a last ditch effort, it's gotta ask you to download somewhere...

by now i think it is rather like this:
if deken doesn't find a writable folder, it will just open the
directory-browser wherever Pd currently is (in its working-directory).
this directory might happen to be writable or not.
it is not a suggestion to blindly accept.

>> That's why they have their user specific folder.
> Well, they don't for Pd... at least for now...

well, they do. they just have to create them :-)

>> Anyway, at least don't teach that to anybody, even if you believe it works
>> well for you.
> It has a particularity... it makes a difference wether you install in the
> global, user or application. In the case of an application, it'll only be
> valid for that Pd app, so you can have multiple Pds or Pd-Extended along
> side it. So, well, yeah, I think we should tell people that they can do it
> if they want to...

i don't think so.
take any well-established software that allows you to install addons
from the net, e.g. firefox.
it *is* possible to install firefox-addons systemwide, but *you cannot*
do so via its built-in addon manager.

i'm pretty sure they put some decent thought into that.

> you're not supposed to do that. Users don't write there for security
>> reasons.
> ok, maybe warn people... but it doesn't seem too dangerous anyway, more of
> an annoyance. I mean, I never knew other operating systems had issues with
> it, I could always do it in Mac OS and always have...

it's not that they have issues. they have *features* (and i mean it)

i suppose you are running OSX as an "admin" user.
you can do quite a number of things on the filesystem as "admin" on OSX
without being prompted for your password, e.g. if you are brave enough
to use the terminal.


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