[PD] Deken (maintenance) raw list of objects

Lucas Cordiviola lucarda27 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 6 22:03:02 CET 2017

I said it was from july 2016.
It is not intended to override newer libs that already have their *-objects.txt:

sigpack-v0.044-objects.txt [100%] by fjkraan, 2016-07-01 01:46 PM
cyclone-v0.3alpha1-objects.txt [100%] by derekxkwan, 2017-02-24 12:02 PM
cyclone-v0.2beta1-objects.txt [100%] by fjkraan, 2016-07-01 01:45 PM
cyclone-v0.2beta3-objects.txt [100%] by fjkraan, 2016-09-17 01:11 PM
freeverb~-v1.2.3-objects.txt [98%] by fjkraan, 2016-07-29 04:44 PM
smlib-v0.12.3-objects.txt [98%] by fjkraan, 2016-09-16 11:05 AM
creb-v0.9.2_darcs-objects.txt [98%] by fjkraan, 2016-07-01 01:43 PM
maxlib-v1.5.6-objects.txt [98%] by fjkraan, 2016-07-01 01:44 PM
maxlib-v1.5.7-objects.txt [98%] by fjkraan, 2016-07-27 07:05 PM
tof-v0.2.1-objects.txt [98%] by fjkraan, 2016-11-02 08:12 PM
windowing-v0.2.0-objects.txt [98%] by fjkraan, 2016-07-03 04:46 PM

The list above are the only Deken Pkgs that provide the *-objects.txt which allows us to find an [object] in Deken's search bar

Is intended for old libs that lack *-objects.txt

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I dont see you having our new list of objects from cyclone, which now has 46 new objects http://puredata.info/Members/derekxkwan/software/cyclone/0.3alpha1/cyclone-v0.3alpha1-objects.txt/view?searchterm=cyclone

2017-03-06 17:22 GMT-03:00 Lucas Cordiviola <lucarda27 at hotmail.com<mailto:lucarda27 at hotmail.com>>:

Hi list,

Here's an almost complete list of [objects] that are available on Deken.

I searched for *-help.pd on my HDD backup from July 2016 when IOhannes & I did the w32 3th party dll “detect & include”.

There are some objects missing e.g [cyclone/>~] and also some entries that are not [objects] but are abs, which anyhow is harmless extra info.

The .txt file is very raw and is intended to, later, be correctly splitted to meet the standards of the “*-objects.txt” for each Deken pkg.

Attached: Raw-externals-list-Deken.txt

Last week there were discussions on the correct naming of extended libraries:

So the correct naming for some of the *-object.txt is not yet clear.

I will gladly follow IOhannes instructions on how to make this objectlists operational on Deken.

This is not urgent and can wait.


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