[PD] libPD4unity and reading sample arrays

Scott R. Looney scottrlooney at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 08:45:51 CET 2017

hi pd folks - reaching out to the libpd oriented people on the list. i'm
running into some issues using the latest libpd4unity version in Unity with
a semi updated C# wrapper and libpdcsharp.

the issue seems to be involving audio data arrays and [soundfiler]. mainly
it looks like adding a read command creates some kind of error, and i think
it's PD based. might be a bug, but not sure yet.

the error happens in the attached patch in Unity using libpd4Unity with any
local sound file. maybe the naming is off? regardless here's what prints:

error: array: couldn't find template pd-_float_array
error: #A: no such object
error: sample: no such table

if anyone on the list has an example of a patch using libpd4unity that
loads samples to arrays correctly, i'm all ears. but as far as i can tell
this should be some pretty basic stuff. i'm using the rjlib stuff for the
most part and the synths all load since i dumped them all into one folder.
but the sample player is being really stubborn.  note that this is only
when running libpd inside of Unity. running PD by itself i have no issues.

any help appreciated!

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