[PD] libPD4unity and reading sample arrays

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You might get more traction by opening an issue on the libPD4unity Github repository and providing a test patch/patches which show the issue. It may be a problem with the unity wrapper or the underlying C# wrapper, but I would start with the Unity layer first.

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> continued testing reveals a strange behavior. i have been going between a test Unity project using libpd4Unity and my main project. if i go to this test project first and then return to my main project everything works one time - i get no loading errors. but as soon as i stop the scene playback and start it again, i get the errors on table loading again. i've tested it three times and it's strangely consistent. so maybe the table assignments aren't being purged correctly when i stop playback? that's all i can think. if it thought it was already assigned it might fail assigning again. just a thought.
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