[PD] Is PD using CPU optimisation?

Giulio Moro giuliomoro at yahoo.it
Thu Mar 9 00:07:44 CET 2017

In many Pd does this already.


see "scalarover_perform" for instance: it computes a single division and then runs multiplications in the loop. But I think the compiler would figure out this on its own (perhaps with the help of -ffast-math ?).
I guess a  more optimized version would compute the division only when a new message is received (as opposed to once every block).
Of course there is not much that can be done for the signal version of [/~].

Compiler optimizations are there, at least in part.
https://sourceforge.net/p/pure-data/pure-data/ci/637ef74e1745a658c0cfdc40d65de189b4fbf02a/tree/configure.acSome architectures may require more explicit flags to perform better (e.g.: on ARM Cortex, you may want to tell to use -mfpu=neon to enable the use of the faster NEON SIMD.

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Hello, list.

Would it be sensible to, for example, start using multiplications over divisions when possible or will the compiler take care of that?

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