[PD] purr data 2.1.1

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 11 16:48:46 CET 2017

Purr Data 2.1.1 is out.

I added a "dropdown" widget to the "Put" menu.  The interface 
isn't yet stable, but it should be usable if people want to play 
with it.
* normalized range for `[bendin]` (keep old behavior under legacy flag)
* added "mouseenter" and "mouseleave" events for data structures
* fixed "Recent Files" under Windows
* cleaned up documentation in repo
* fix for `[midiclkin]` (#255)
* added "l2ork_version" message for `[pdinfo]`
* make loader search order the same as Pd Vanilla
* fixed cord inspector font size
* silence spurious error when autopatching a signal object
* added a `[dropdown]` object for choosing a value for an atom box (interface not stable yet)
* made gatom resizable by click-dragging in edit mode
* added "<ctrl-mousewheel>" for zooming
* added solarized and inverted solarized gui presets
* fixed mycanvas stroke color updates
* improvements to mode 4 of intelligent patching
* fixed "<Delete>" not deleting a selected object on some systems

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