[PD] A netcast tomorrow Mar 16 -- http://newblankets.org featuring msp

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Thu Mar 16 05:52:17 CET 2017

Miller Puckette will be the featured guest on the New Blankets Netcast for
tomorrow March 16.

Miller will describe and discuss his own recent and upcoming performances
and activities, in addition to details about his continuous work and
upcoming new release of Pd itself.

The March 16 netcast's  purpose is a major New Blankets initiative:

     "Widening the Worldwide Welcome to Puredata.

The netcast for March 16 is offering  a  $100 matching-challenge grant --
to double any contributions pledged tomorrow and paid-up within two weeks

All pledges on Mar 16, up to a  pledge total of $100, will be doubled via
the challenge
contribution. The day's total contributions will support  New Blankets' 
welcome* activities such as travel funds for Artists in Transit and travel
for participants in the upcoming (July) gathering:  a  Pd miniCon in Lima
Peru under
Jaime Oliver's initiative and local leadership in Lima this summer.

If you wish to contribute to Pd Worldwide Welcome yourself, please specify
the amount you wish to pqledge in the Subject: line of an e-mail message

calendar at newblankets.org

joe_deken at newblankets.org

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