[PD] [PD-announce] pduino 0.6 released

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 23:41:23 CET 2017

Hey all

I just deken'ized a new version (v0.6) of the pduino library.

Changelog since the last release (v0.5):

 * Made it more self-sufficient, reduced number of dependencies, only
   comport is left (obviously)

 * Extended Firmata protocol support by adding new methods:
   - 'capability': query capability for all pins
   - 'analogMapping': query mapping of analog pin numbers to digital
   - 'pinState': query current mode and status of given pin

 * re-worked documentation

 * GOP version: [arduino-gui]
   - graphic faksimile of an Arduino board (NG, Duemilanove,
     Diecimila, UNO, Leonardo or similar)
   - reflects current state of pins
   - always shows correct pin numbering (differs with different
     Firmata versions)
   - shows supported modes for each pin
   - easy-to-use
   - does automatically the "right thing" 
   - records any interaction to a message box

Have fun!

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