[PD] Fastest way to find lines in text file

Liam Goodacre liamg_uw at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 22 08:27:45 CET 2017

You can also use [text search], although t's not so easy to find more than the first instance. If you don't mind taking a extra step, you could give each line a third term, which is the line number. Then you can use the "> 3" argument for [text search] to find matches s

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I need to find every lines of a textfile containing a word.
The textfile has 2.539.592 lines.
Now, i am using [msgfile] from zexy because i can find a line, skip a
line and find again ... until the end of the textfile.
But, i am wondering if there is an other object (in an other library)
faster, specialized in this work ?


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