[PD] [text define] functionality for text in structs?

Derek Kwan derek.x.kwan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 09:29:36 CEST 2017

Hey list,

Is there a way to get and/or simulate the functionality of [text define]
for texts in structs (ie [struct mystruct float x text t])? It seems
like you can't send pointers into [text define] and you can't use the -s
flag in [text define] (not that it'd make much sense since the text is
already there in the scalar), but I'm missing the reading/writing to
files and editing via popup window (which would be handier with larger
chunks of text). I've investigated alternatives using a proxy [text
define] and then [text fromlist] from it into a [text tolist] for the
scalar's text (which looks to be the best solution for now) and I
suppose it's also possible to add lines one by one (or in series in
one message with comma delimiters) or edit the .pd file directly.

I've been working with randomly choosing from groups of lists in stages
(say, choosing randomly from lists in group 1 in one stage, then group
2, etc.) and have been doing it with just working from one big [text]
instance but it looks like perhaps using structs with text members
(as in the mystruct example above) would be more suited for that sort
of thing with each scalar being a stage.

Derek Kwan

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