[PD] [multimodel] inconsistencies in displaying/scaling objects

Antonio Roberts antonio at hellocatfood.com
Fri Mar 31 23:40:12 CEST 2017

I'm using [multimodel] to load an animation of obj files made Blender.
As I play/scrub through the files I noticed that the begin to shift
around without me having to use translation or rotation. Below is a
video made to illustrate the problem. The actual objects I'm using


When it comes to setting the scale it appears as though it is using
the centre point as origin and then expanding to fit the area of the
objects. Is there any way to stop this? In other models I've made it
seems as though a corner is being set to origin point.

Is this something I can address with Pure Data or do I have to do it in Blender?

Thanks for any help,


antonio at hellocatfood.com

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