[PD] [libPD] Generation of patches

François Zajéga frankie at frankiezafe.org
Wed Apr 5 14:59:18 CEST 2017

Hello to all,

I'm currently bridging puredata and ogre3d via libpd. The whole project 
is a game engine called polymorph (http://polymorph.cool)

I have a question regarding patch generation.

I can't find a way to send a patch to pd through a buffer. The only 
method i found "libpd_openfile" but that requires creating an actual 
file on the harddrive and passing the path to pd. I would need something 
like "libpd_newpatch(char*)"...

The idea is to be able to build a patch programmatically, on the c++ 
side, and send it to pd without saving it as a file.

Did anyone ever done something like that?

Thank in advance!

françois z.

| /_

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