[PD] A few news - this time it is real ;-)

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay tremblap at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 12:09:19 CEST 2017

Hello all

The news this time with some actual information

1) Port of modest objects After a very interesting stay of Prof Puckette here in Huddersfield, I have been convinced even more of the need of porting my Max objects to Pd and SuperCollider. ipoke~ is done already for Pd although I’m tempted to branch it to be version coherent - I’m considering to do a platform and environment agnostic library. I know about Faust, no need to tell me about it ;-) There is also butt~, a cool dirty filter.

2) once I mastered this, I hope to port the HIRT, especially multiconvolve~ and IRmeasure. (http://eprints.hud.ac.uk/14897/)

3) Should you want to join me in my endeavours, and be paid for it, the 2 jobs as postdocs are still open for a few day (on this project http://www.flucoma.org/) - in doubt apply to both since you can only be considered for the job you apply to.

I hope this makes a little more sense…


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