[PD] Pd GUI poor performance

martin brinkmann mnb at martin-brinkmann.de
Thu Apr 6 12:12:42 CEST 2017

On 05/04/17 16:15, Billy Stiltner wrote:
> what is the global gui refresh  metro ?

that is/was my (temporary) solution for the slow gui:
a metro at 8 hz sending bangs to a global send
and a [f] receiving these bangs before every slider/number/ which is
updated via midi-ctl, counters, sequencers, whatever.
while directly connecting a few midi-controllers to sliders could easily
stall the gui (when the knobs are moved), this solution looked not very
beautiful, but caused no dramatic cpu-spikes, even without 2d hardware

> and do other graphics cards have different options
> besides ShadowPrimary that allows fast access to pixel data?

i suppose so...

> Can look it up but seeing that you have recently been dabbling in it...

only with my radeon card under linux, until i had success with the
settings in xorg.conf.

>>         Option          "AccelMethod" "glamor"
>>         Option          "ShadowPrimary" "on"

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