[PD] Pd GUI poor performance

martin brinkmann mnb at martin-brinkmann.de
Thu Apr 6 15:45:54 CEST 2017

On 06/04/17 12:27, Orm Finnendahl wrote:

> Apart from that there is an external called speedlim (you could also
> build that as an abstraction using vanilla) which might be more
> elegant than using a global metro.

my idea was to have exactly one event which updates all gui-elements,
instead of triggering a gui-update with every event (even if it is
speedlimited). maybe i am wrong, and pd 'quantizes' the screen updates
anyway (i have not studied the pd sourcecode), so that a few gui-redraws
at (more or less) the same time are not worse than one?
and of course i bypassed the gui for the dsp-calculations to use all
incoming events without any limit.

>>> what is the global gui refresh  metro ?
>> that is/was my (temporary) solution for the slow gui:
>> a metro at 8 hz sending bangs to a global send
>> and a [f] receiving these bangs before every slider/number/ which is
>> updated via midi-ctl, counters, sequencers, whatever.

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