[PD] of Toggles and key presses

Pagano, Patrick patrick.pagano at uconn.edu
Tue Apr 11 16:44:58 CEST 2017

Hello List

i have a question i was hoping for some input on.

On the synth patch i am working on i have 24 keys which are used for the playing of the instrument.

i am wondering if there's a way to create an edit mode so the playable keys change when something is selected [a key combination?] the patch is in settings mode so i can change from VCO/Noise for example and when that combination is repressed keys return to  keyboard/note


keyboard/settings mode

i am hopeful someone might have seen or tried this before and might have a clue regarding how to implement!

thank you

Patrick Pagano B.S, M.F.A

Assistant Professor in Residence

Digital Media & Design

Web & Interactive Technologies

University of Connecticut, Stamford

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