[PD] GEM for OSX

Pagano, Patrick patrick.pagano at uconn.edu
Wed Apr 12 14:52:56 CEST 2017

thank you all for the responses. i assume Dan is dan wilcox working on it for mobile/pdparty?

I will take a crack at it with my OSX dev machine now that i have a lab again i can get stuff done

with GEM there has never been a true cross platform safe way of making patches

in the early to mid 2000s i was using pidip/PDP because of the freeframes and the frei0r plugin usage

after 42-5 things were fabulous for quite a while and i still consider that thee most stable pd/GEM pairing

i think 43-4 gets me some chaos libs in the exteded family but not a whole lot for GEM

then there is the case of the openCV libs which i am still very interested in

i got those working on Linux/OSX, never windows

Also kinect support, i had it with ubuntu in 2012

So anyone want to wager on what Os is best for Kinect/OpenCV/GEM [😊]

which one do you think it will be?

Patrick Pagano B.S, M.F.A

Assistant Professor in Residence

Digital Media & Design

Web & Interactive Technologies

University of Connecticut, Stamford


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> your best hope is to expect Gem in Purr Data sometime soon

Gem works under Windows and Gnu/Linux, but not under OSX.

> I'm copying jonathan here to see if he can tell us something about it, apparently matt was working on a way to compile it (copied too)

Sorry, aside from a stop-gap to get an old version of Gem building under Windows I have
no experience developing Gem.

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