[PD] .pdrc?

zmoelnig at iem.at zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Apr 14 14:47:44 CEST 2017

On 04/14/2017 12:58 AM, Peter P. wrote:
> Strangely neither setting 
> -noautopatch
> nor 
> noautopatch
> in my ~/.pdsettings disables autopatching. Specifying it on the command
> line does work though. Can anyone else reproduce this?

sure thing.
this is mainly because ~/.pdsettings works differently from .pdrc (which
just had one-cmdline-arg per line).
instead, .pdsettings uses key/value pairs with the "keys" being
predefined and not corresponding to any cmdline args, so "autopatch: 0"
is not a valid setting here (and "noautopatch" or "-noautopatch" are
totally not).
luckily you can specify cmdline-args in the "flags" section, so having
"flags: -noautopatch" should do what you want.


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