[PD] some GEM questions, shaders anyone ? ...

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Sat Apr 15 15:36:27 CEST 2017

hi, people !

some update on the subject:

i looked around and found this GEM-shader dedicated github-space:


bingo ! all of those patches worked alright !

more important for anybody interested: it contains a very useful 
abstraction called "pix_shader.pd" which makes working with glsl shaders 
much easier !

cyrille henry wrote:

> can you open the shader file on a windows text editor?
> I never had this kind of error.

IOhannes wrote:

	i can think of two possible problems:
	- line endings (CRLF vs LF)
	- paths with spaces

i think i can rule out the latter - i have PD on running as a 
"standalone" application on an extra partition with no-space paths. plus 
all other files (images etc.) that are called with an "open" message in 
the GEM glsl example patches load alright

i will give messing around with line endings a try

> How to develop shader is not specific to GEM, and you'll file billions
> of website dedicated to glsl.

well, as i said i didn't find too many ...

the good thing about the aforementioned site is, that it contains not 
only the glsl shaders but also PD-patches to dig deeper into the glsl 

thanks for all replys, already helped a lot !


again, a call to the list:

a dedicated place that holds a collection of glsl shaders/examples 
optimized for GEM (i.e. with help patches) would be great, and i think 
the puredata.info/downloads section would be a good place to hold it.

if you know about other PD (GEM) dedicated glsl site or github space, 
i'd be glad if you could post it.




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