[PD] best licence for pd-patches?

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GPL patches *can* be used as they are not compiled into an application and can therefore be updated by the user, satisfying one aspect of the GPL. I handle this in PdParty by having the built in patches accessible by the user in the app’s Documents folder, so the user can modify them at will.

If you’re using a GPL patch as an abstraction, it’s *similar* to using a dynamic GPL library as far as I can tell. But I’m no lawyer...

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> i heard, and then read,  that GPL patches CAN be run in closed source systems running libpd, etc. 
> it's just GPL externals that you can't use without sharing the code.  
> There seems to be a difference in licensing laws between patches and externals, because externals need to be compiled into the binary, but patches are more like "media" which runs on top of that. 
> I wish i could find the posts i read about that again....it did make it quite clear why there is that distinction. 

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