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I am emulating a Count to Five stomp box functions with pure data on the organelle and i am wondering if anyone has links or resources regarding fun/unique operations on arrays? I found Arraycopy in maxlib which copys the arrays quickly which is awesome, but i also want to play the contents of the array backwards and maybe scrub through the contents so i am hoping for some programming suggestions.

one caveat is that there is no GUI on the organelle except for a menu, it has 4 knobs for parameter values [with multiple pages available and a volume knob/encoder knob

thanks in advance. I got a suggestion to look at tabread4~ but any other externals that might compile on arch linux or other research regarding arrays would be interesting




Montreal Assembly - Count to Five<http://mtlasm.blogspot.com/p/count-to.html>
Count to five is a unique delay/sampler that offers many sonic possibilities. These are best shown by demonstration in the videos above below.

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