[PD] [lsl_inlet] released

David Medine dmedine at ucsd.edu
Tue May 16 12:32:16 CEST 2017

Dear all,

I have released the first of at least two objects that leverage 
labstreaminglayer (LSL) in Pd. For those unfamiliar with LSL, there is a 
blurb at the bottom. So far I have only created a marker inlet object, 
but I have plans to make a marker outlet and corresponding DSP objects 
to handle real-time data streaming as well. However, making the DSP 
externs requires up/downsampling and all the associated issues with 
buffering, memory management, and filtering that come along for the ride 
whenever you do that---so I don't know when that will actually happen. 
For now, this is a nice way to get discrete messages from (for example) 
an eye tracker into your Pd patch. It's also a handy way just to pipe 
messages between different languages (e.g. from python to Pd and back).

I've only compiled this under Windows so far, but soon I will put 
(fairly modern) Linux binaries on the github hosting as well. OSX users 
will have to roll their own. Source and binaries here:


If you use this and find any bugs, please post to the github issues page.

About LSL: Labstreaminglayer (LSL) is a robust tool for streaming and 
synchronizing multi-modal data streams across a local area network. It 
was developed primarily for the purpose of multi-modal data acquisition 
in the context of complicated mind/body research experiments involving 
EEG, other bio-physical data acquisition, and the logging of stimulus 
markers. It is open source and cross-platform, although most of the 
hardware devices it supports have drivers for Windows only. It was 
initially developed by Christian K├Âthe at the Swarz Center for 
Compuational Neuroscience and has a growing number of contributors from 
around the world. More info:





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