[PD] patch with Loadbang loses data structure

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Thu May 18 08:48:45 CEST 2017


for me a [del 1] was enough to make sure the black keys appear. But it
doesn't solve the problem that when the window is minimized and then
maximized, white keys are again on top (at least on Pd-Ext), for that it
works to draw first the black, then the white keys, then vis 0,vis 1. It's
not logical, but it seems to work.

Btw, if you declare the dimensions of the filledpolygon as variables, you
can make this using only one struct template.
Don't know if you plan on use the keyboard to click on it, but it won't
work to click on black keys, as it will also trigger a white key - except
you do some hacking of the message, or you don't overlap keys by using a
more complex shape for the white keys that goes around the black key. This
would also solve the problem that when redrawing, the white keys overlap
the black ones.



2017-05-18 8:19 GMT+02:00 oliver <oliver at klingt.org>:

> Esteban Viveros wrote:
>> Hello,
> hi, nice patch !
> beautifully structured as well !
>>  I'm drawing a keyboard with data structures.
>>  The problem is when I use loadbang to draw the keyboard, black keys are
>> losed. If I bang the routine manually it works like a charm..
>> What I'm losing?
> seems like data structures need a little time to "load" (if that's the
> right term in that context). putting a [del 100] after loadbang did the
> trick for me.
> ([del 10] was to small ...)
> best
> oliver
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