[PD] patch with Loadbang loses data structure

Esteban Viveros emviveros at gmail.com
Wed May 24 07:57:58 CEST 2017

I have done a precise draw of the key but I have more than one key selected
in some cases.

What's wrong?

I have error messages when I run multiples abstractions of this patch, but
it still working well.

Thanks for any advance.. :)

Em sáb, 20 de mai de 2017 às 06:31, João Pais <jmmmpais at gmail.com> escreveu:

> > for that it works to draw first the black, then the white keys, then vis
> 0,vis 1.
> > It's not logical, but it seems to work.
> also works for me. and it helps for filtering the right key events (see my
> solution).
> Seems like a magic for me... Anyway I adopt Christof mixed with João
> solutions at this patch.
> But arises some questions...
> Once I need:
>   1. change color of key while mouse click is on at these key
> that's easy on its own, get the pointer from the output of [struct] when
> you click on it. use it to change the color with [set ...... color].
>   2. once mouse click is on, and mouse cursor move around the gop area,
> the keyboard will respond. Like a finger pressing and moving around a real
> keyboard.
>   3. the key are velocity sensitive around y axis at first click.
> I'm thinking to map the gop are, create a system of coordinates to draw
> keyboard and using [cyclone/mousestate] and/or only [iemguts/receivecanvas].
> In this way maybe is better implement the João suggestion of parameterize
> the template and implement the keys with more points and implement the
> control with a gop coordinate system.
> you can't click and drag on data-s, so your other idea is better (and get
> the pointers to make the display look accordingly).
> Once I did a sampler what I had an horizontal line of marks indicating
> places in a sample; also using [mousestate] to get the mouse actions
> (position in window + clicks) I could extrapolate where I was in the
> window, and what should sound.
> Joao

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