[PD] pd 0.48 - deken not working on w32 when "documents" folder is not set

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Mon Aug 21 14:48:55 CEST 2017

hi, dear everyone !

this is probably a minority problem, but i want to report it nonetheless.

i'm on windows 7 / 64 bit
PD 0.48.0 (zipped version !)

I ALWAYS use the zipped version of PD to keep it portable, using batch 
scripts with "-noprefs", defining all necessary infos at as startup 
options in the script (where i always use the paths relative to the pd 
folder) so i'm always having my up-to-date pd version and patches on a 
usb stick wherever i go.

(IMHO one of THE killer features of PD ;-))

i just noticed, that if i omit the "documents" path definition when 
starting up PD, deken is not working anymore (please see attached 
image), as it doesn't have a folder to download to. of course all is 
well as soon as i am defining it but somehow that goes against 
portability. (i never use my user home location for those reasons, and 
the preferences are not stored inside the PD folder)

so my suggestion is, that there should be either a startup flag to set 
the "documents" directory in a shell script (or batch file), so deken 
will find it, or to default it to PD's "extra" folder if none is set. or 
is the flag "stdpath" already doing this ?

as i said, i don't know how many people are affected by this small 
problem, it's probably only me who uses PD that way, so i'm not sure if 
this is any reason to file a bug report ...



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