[PD] PD 0.48 - another deken/externals path problem ...

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Mon Aug 21 15:32:19 CEST 2017

hi, sorry to come in again, but the problems get deeper ...

PD 0.48.0 (zipped)

i built a lot of patches using [declare] to make sure that any 
deken-installed externals/libraries are loaded when needed.

up until PD 0.47, the behaviour was like this:

[declare -stdlib GEM]

loaded the Gem library if it was located inside PD's "extra" folder

now (PD 0.48):

PD automatically defaults the deken download folder not to the directory 
"extra" but to "externals" when the "directories" folder is set (no 
startup option to change this as far as i know).

but [declare] in PD 0.48 STILL looks inside "extra", unless you define 
an absolute path to tell it otherwise (which is totally besides the 
point). as a result, none of these works:

[declare -stdlib GEM]
[declare -stdlib externals/GEM]
[declare -stdlib ./externals/GEM]

only this does:

[declare -stdlib D:/pd_0.48/externals/GEM]

so, [declare] is therefore not backwards compatible. a bug, IMHO.

possible solutions:

1.) the user must manually change the deken download (externals 
installation) path back to "extra" again, (but where's the benefit in 
this ?)

2.) make [declare] search the defined externals/library path (whatever 
its name is)

since these features are new in PD 0.48, it would be great to at least 
make them settable with a startup option.

if i may make a wish for pd 0.49:

recursive directory search paths - settable with a PD option !
would ease so much pain ;-)



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