[PD] PD 0.48 - another deken/externals path problem ...

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Mon Aug 21 16:08:43 CEST 2017

IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> On 2017-08-21 15:32, oliver wrote:
>> [declare -stdlib GEM]
> Gem is spelled "Gem", not "gem", nor "GEM" nor "gEm", "gEM", "geM",
> "GeM" or "GEm". you should always aim for correct spelling (Gem won't
> load on most platforms if you spell it incorrectly).

yes, sorry for being sloppy on this ...

it's actually working with capital letters on my system, but i know that 
this is a dangerous habit ...

> adsr IOhannes
> PS: this probably doesn't fix your underlying problem though

no, it didn't.

changing the "Gem" folder location back to "extra" did.

i really think this [declare] problem should be fixed in the next 
release, as it breaks many patches and abstractions.

the same error goes obviously for self-declared object names that used 
to work so far, like

[tof/folderpanel] or
[mrpeach/packOSC] etc...

if the corresponding externals are anywhere else but in "extra"

oh, and BTW:

thanks for all your amazing efforts and working weeks to all people 
involved in the latest PD release, love the new features and 
improvements so far !



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