[PD] PD 0.48 - [declare] problem

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Mon Aug 21 17:50:24 CEST 2017

Dan Wilcox wrote:
> You can change the install folder in the Paths dialog or hit the "no"
> button when deken asks where to install it and navigate to a new location.
> If you don't want it to default to the Documents/externals path, either
> change the install path or disable the Documents directory.
> Further, if you clear the install path, deken will default back to
> asking on every download.

Thanks, Dan !

of course all of these things work alright, but the main issue here is 
not really deken, but the fact that the [declare] object won't find any 
external/library anymore that is not inside PD's "extra" folder, since 
it doesn't know about the new default externals path.

(which is why i now changed the subject accordingly).

this will break many PD patches that relied on the [declare -stdlib 
"libname"] method to work. that method was very practical as long as all 
externals were reliably located in "extra" and allowed to share and 
distribute patches regardless of user-loaded externals/libraries.

and what's more:

even if i decided to change all my patches to locate [declare] to the 
new "externals" folder, it would only work with absolute paths, not 
relative paths, which makes it useless for anyone but me ;-)



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