[PD] going from signals to events?

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Mon Sep 4 06:23:57 CEST 2017

Eric Lyon's Lyonpotpourri library should be mentioned https://github.com/pd-projects/lyonpotpourri although seems like some code needs to be cleaned up, I'm getting segfaults with Pd-Extended and a custom Pd that uses a bit of Pd-extended code

He has many signal sequencing objects in the library though and it seems to work fairly well with vanilla, though it doesn't seem quite ready for 64-bit

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From: Ali Momeni

hello friends,

what are your favorite objects for going from signals to events?

specifically, i'd like to make a sample accurate / audio-driven sequencer.  I'm looking for something like max's "seq~" object, which outputs events when a phasor input in its inlet crosses various thresholds.

Any ideas?


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