[PD] listing to json port?

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 02:31:57 CEST 2017

>> Hello list,
>> I wanted to know if it's possible to listen to a port 6437, where some
>> json messages are coming in. I've seen in my webbrowser that the port is
>> indeed active, but when I try udpreceive nothing comes out - which
>> probably means that I'm not getting the process.
> tcpreceive?

that would probably work, but I guess the javascript code is necessary to  
open the port in the first place. Is there a way of Pd opening a html file  
with that?

I guess it would make much more sense to see the code, but I should  
distribute it in a list. I think I could pass it around individually,  



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