[PD] How to build a Pd project like an application ?

Jérôme Abel abel.jerome at free.fr
Thu Sep 14 13:25:02 CEST 2017


I know that Pd is not standalone 
<https://puredata.info/docs/faq/standalone>, but I wonder how to build 
an entire Pd project with libraries, externals, helps, abstractions, 
settings, tclplugins into an executable (not an installer).

Three goals are persistents :

  * Use Pd in schools or in workshops. Often students have no
    administrator rights on computers, are note able to install
    softwares. And we loose them when we have to download Pd + 10 needed
    libraries + our project.
  * Share big project
  * Do not interfere with other pd installations (like settings file, or
    objects location).

Some ways how big project work around these issues :

  * Egregore, which have to manage different strategies for O.S. A
    script launches Pd executable + libraries. Which seems the easiest way.
  * Purr Data, a modern approach, but a fork
  * CEAMMC Pd : https://github.com/uliss/pure-data, which seems a
    in-between solution

We could discuss about these solutions.

Is there a simple tutorial about building pd for each platform 
containing our folders, libraries, settings, tcl interface, and compress 
it as a folder for instance ? Is it possible to build from just one 
computer (x-compilation) ? Sub-purpose would be to maintain all project 
in order to be up to date : download or update Pd and all needed 
libraries for each platform (Deken seems not allowing that now)

Thanks for any tip.

Sharing knowledges : I'm not "compilation-friendly", if some people are 
interested to go deeper inside Pd, we could organize like an online 
learning session (master class) with a Pd Yoda Master ? We could 
document this.


Jérôme Abel

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