[PD] Capture Gem output: best practices?

Federico Camara Halac camarafede at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 21:07:23 CEST 2017

Very interesting question, indeed.

I have only used Max's option A (pix_snap, pix_record) and they work fine.
If CPU is at the limit, what I have done is just go via ethernet to a
second computer, and do all video rendering and recording there, leaving
the main one for audio only.

I have some more follow-up questions, though:

> then I record every image (not in real time) : it allows a very good
> recording quality,

Do you use pix_write for this, with larger window dimensions?

>>> A) inside GEM
>>> You can record the GEM window inside GEM with pix_record and pix_snap.
>>> This is the cleanest and cross platform solution, because it doesn't
>>> require additional soft- or hardware. You can also render things slower
>>> than realtime, while making sure to save every frame.
Do you also use the FSAA message? Does it affect pix_write / pix_record
quality ?

Extra questions:

is "batch" mode an option for non-realtime recording ? or would it not work
with Gem? I have never tried this.

> for performance, I record every fader and control, so pd can play the
> performance again.
How did you achieve this, in a simple text file like using [text], [text
sequence], or something else?



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