[PD] Review of expr 0.55 (released in 0.48) and a Pull Request

Shahrokh Yadegari sdy at ucsd.edu
Mon Sep 18 18:34:59 CEST 2017

Dear Alexandre and all,

Miller and I both agree that it is better not to change the behavior of
expr~ and fexpr~ in respect to requiring the first inlet to be a signal.
See Miller's response below:

> If the object has a method for "signal" then its first
> inlet (i.e., itself) is then passed a signal to process.  I think this
> means it would be a bit confusing not to use the first inlet as a
> Pd would allow signal connections to it that you'd then ignore in favor
> of the float or symbol value it gets sent.  Also, it's funny to send it
> a message like "float" and not have that trigger a computation.  So I
> it's probably just as well to leave it as is.

However, I will look into why fexpr~ does not convert float to signal.

After receiving a few other requests for avg() and Avg() to come back, I
will also soon include these functions and possibly others to the list of

Thank you very much for your update of the documentation patch.


On Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 7:36 AM, Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com>

> Hi Shahrokh and Miller. I've sent this before, but now I'm sending again
> with a more explicit subject and also a Pull Request.
> I've tested the new expr (v0.55 released in pd 0.48) and I still have some
> remaining bugs to report. These are bugs I really think should be fixed,
> and some suggested feature requests.
> One of the bugs is plain simple, the fact that fexpr~ doesn't allow a
> float input in its left inlet. That doesn't seem intentional, by the way,
> because [expr~] allows it. Anyway, here's a simple Pull Request I created
> about it, see if it's cool: https://github.com/pure-
> data/pure-data/pull/219
> cheers

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