[PD] Problem installing Gem on Mac OS X + [pix_video] on Windows 10

abel.jerome at free.fr abel.jerome at free.fr
Wed Sep 20 15:17:51 CEST 2017


I'm trying to install Gem on Mac Os X (Imac 64 bits Intel) with the last Pd.0.48.0.vanilla, and I'm stuck. I've installed it with Deken and I wrote -lib Gem as usual. No Gem objects. On the same computer, I've tested the "Egregore" patch from CHDH which uses Pd.0.46-2 + Gem 0.93.3, and it is working ... Did somebody succeed with Gem+Pd048 on Mac ? I saw an article about adding "libdir" library before Gem, but it doesn't work for me.

Another issue : on a laptop with Windows 10, the [pix_video] starts the integrated camera and crashes Pd. I remember having the same problem before with other computers. Is there a way to avoid this ?

Thanks for any help,


Jérôme Abel

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