[PD] trouble with pd-0.48-0 and multiple screens

Raphaël Ilias phae.ilias at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 16:44:27 CEST 2017

hi !

I finally got to my studio with seconday monitor to test again and could
reproduce the behavior :

My setup :
- macbook pro with OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 (main screen 1280x800)
- external monitor plugged with superexpensive Thunderthing>VGA adaptator
(secondary screen 1680x1050)
- the external (and secondary) monitor is set (physically and virtually) on
left of the main's laptop screen, and both screens do align on their bottom
edge (since secondary screen is bigger in resolution)

This desktop/screens configuration is already plugged and set up.
- I do launch puredata (0.47-1)
- create new patch
- create a [pd subpatch] in it
- click to open the [pd subpatch] window
(until now everything is done on the main screen)
- now I move the subpatch's window to secondary screen (situated on the
left of main screen)
- close the subpatch window
- try to re-open it (clicking object [pd subpatch] in the main patch)
- the subpatch window gets opened, but doesn't appear in the display, it
has moved outside screen

I don't remember how I did this, but I could mouse-drag it back with a key
shortcut, and could see it coming from the right edge of the main screen...

maybe it's OS related, however, it is really annoying and for me it is not
caused by changing anything in screen setup or plugging/unplugging
monitors. I just cannot drag subpatches on the secondary-on-left screen.

Though, I have not tried to switch monitors position yet...

have a nice day !


2017-09-19 22:41 GMT+02:00 IOhannes m zmölnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>:

> On 09/19/2017 10:11 PM, Dan Wilcox wrote:
> > From what I can tell, if the window placement is beyond the virtual
> screen size, it gets clipped back to the main screen
> which was very much desired behaviour by a lot of people: if you edit
> your patch on the right-of-main screen and save, what should happen if
> you re-open it on a single-screen setup? obviously nobody wanted the
> patch to be hidden offscreen.
> hence the (somewhat buggy) logic of re-placing the windows.
> however, before any changes are made to fix the issue, i wonder what
> would the correct behaviour be, if you work on a somewhat weird
> four-screen setup forming an L-like shape like this ("O" being a screen)
>   O
> (with the main screen being in the lower-left corner and the Pd-patch
> being in the upper-right corner).
> and then you want to open up the patch on a system with a screen setup
> like:
>  O
> O O
>  O
> these examples are obviously made-up and nobody will ever going to use
> them (but then, nobody in their right minds is going to use a
> left-of-main-screen setup or stacking screens vertically rather than
> horizontally).
> i guess one sane way to handle this is to
> - check whether the window visible on any screen
> - if not, fold it back to the main screen
> dgmasr
> IOhannes
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