[PD] problems and crashes - "warning: settings multiply defined" (on new hardware and OS - Debian 8 64-bit)

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Thu Sep 21 13:24:09 CEST 2017

Hi everybody,

I'm having issues with a pretty complex patch that I have written within
several years - originally with pd-extended and Ubuntu 11.10 (32-bit - AMD
Now I'm trying to port this to an Up-Board with an Intel CPU and Debian
Jessie (64-bit).

I have installed (almost) all libraries successfully. All patches and
abstractions are loading successfully (except for [toxy/tot] and

Here's my problem:

The patch(es) start up (loading over 600MB of samples) and sometimes
actually work(s) fine but mostly it crashes during or after the startup.
When it actually does start up it runs, sounds and responds just like the
previous hardware with the old pd-extended and Ubuntu 11.10.

However, on the pd-window I'm getting thousands of these messages:

"warning: settings multiply defined"

('settings' is a table that holds most of the global settings of the

Now I am wondering what the "warning: . multiply defined" means.

I'm usually getting messages like this if I created a table twice by
When using "Find" I only get one single table as my search result.
Also that same patch doesn't give me this error on my older hardware and it
never crashes.
I have been running this patch with the old OS and the AMD hardware with
pd-extended on more than 100 units for more than 5 years - no issues!

I am now trying to eliminate more and more parts or abstractions from the
patch to see when the error messages stop.
Obviously this takes forever since I have already put years of work in

Knowing what the "warning: . multiply defined" means would probably speed up
the search.

I'd absolutely appreciate any input or idea where to search.


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