[PD] problems and crashes - "warning: settings multiply defined" (on new hardware and OS - Debian 8 64-bit)

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Thu Sep 21 21:42:00 CEST 2017

That's what I thought, too. And that's the way it was before.
But earlier today when I started two instances separately (by double clicking 
a .desktop starter or putting two .desktop starters in a autostart folder) any 
table in each instance was readable from the other instance.

I have deleted the table in the second instance and the warning disappeared 
but I could still read the values of a single table of the first instance in 
the second instance.
That absolutely doesn't make any sense to me.

I just checked it again and the table was NOT readable now (as expected). This 
morning it was, though!
I had been starting the patches from two .desktop starters in 

It could be possible that when the patches crashed and I restarted them that 
they might have still be running.
It's raher confusing to me that it did it earlier today but not right now. 
Maybe I did restart them by double clicking on the patches instead of the 

Anyway, that wasn't the source of my crashes. After having renamed the tables 
in question the crashes were still there.
I'll have to further investigate in both issues.

Thanks anyway!

> > one thing I found out now.
> > As opposed to the old pd-extended the vanilla 0.46.2 that came with
> > Jessie seems to see tables that were opened from a different patch in
> > a separate process.
> i'm not sure what that you mean by that.
> if you start two instances of Pd, they will have separate namespaces (so you
> can have a [table settings] in both, and they won't collide.
> if you start two patches by double-clicking them in your file manager, then
> you will only start a *single* Pd instance, so you can only have a single
> instance of [table settings].
> gfmards
> IOhannes

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