[PD] problems and crashes - "warning: settings multiply defined" (on new hardware and OS - Debian 8 64-bit)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Sep 22 09:45:39 CEST 2017

On 2017-09-21 21:42, Ingo wrote:
> That's what I thought, too. And that's the way it was before.
> But earlier today when I started two instances separately (by double clicking 
> a .desktop starter or putting two .desktop starters in a autostart folder) any 
> table in each instance was readable from the other instance.

depends on what your desktop starter is actually doing.

e.g. the desktop starter that comes with Debian, will actually launch
the pd-gui which has all the logic to prevent a second startup.

so clicking 4 times on the desktop starter, will only fire up a single
instance of Pd.
this is by design.

otoh, if you created the starter yourself and used "/usr/bin/pd" as the
executable, then you should have multiple instances running.

finally it is rather easy to check:
how many Pd-consoles do you have open? each instance will come with a
separate console.
so if there's only a single Pd "main" window, then you are only running
a single instance.
another check is to just
<kbd>Control</kbd>-<kbd>Shift</kbd>-<kbd>Q</kbd> (aka: quit) your patch.
if all windows close (including the "other" main patch), then you were
running a single instance.
> It could be possible that when the patches crashed and I restarted them that 
> they might have still be running.
> It's raher confusing to me that it did it earlier today but not right now. 
> Maybe I did restart them by double clicking on the patches instead of the 
> starters???

this i don't know.
usually my "desktop-starters" (well, the autostarts) do:
- call a *script* (rather than start Pd itself)
the script does:
- kill running instances of Pd
- start up all instances of Pd i need (backgrounding all but the last)

> Anyway, that wasn't the source of my crashes. After having renamed the tables 
> in question the crashes were still there.
> I'll have to further investigate in both issues.

run the crashing instance of Pd through gdb and get a backtrace to see
where it crashes.
(use Pd's "-nrt" flag when running through gdb to avoid the watchdog
cluttering the gdb output.)

btw, if all Pd patches shut down during the crash, chances are high that
you are indeed only running a single instance of Pd.


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