[PD] Issues with Gem 0.39-3 on OS X via Deken in Pd

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Sep 28 20:20:14 CEST 2017

On 09/28/2017 08:15 PM, Peter P. wrote:
> are there any known issues of loading Gem 0.93-3 via Deken in "Pd
> version 0.48-0 compiled for Macintosh OSX 10.6 or later" (the non-32-bit
> non-i386) version? I seems to not work on multiple machines around me.
> What are the latest versions of Pd and Gem working together on OS X?

Gem binaries for OSX are only available as i386 (32bit).
this binary requires a i386 (32bit) Pd.
nothing else will work¹


¹you can compile Gem yourself for amd64/64bit on OSX, which will work
nicely, with all the features stripped that Apple decided to not make
available for 64bit - like QuickTime.

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