[PD] purr data 2.3.2's gem on windows 10

Py Fave pyfave at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 23:12:05 CEST 2017

Hello Jonathan and Alexandre ,

i just saw the git commits  .

but will wait for next build.
or try a build next week.

i already tried but failed miserably :-)
i 'll retry and give feedback,

i justed wanted to ask if your modifications will give support for

to prepare some files.

and for images, png support with alpha channel for transparency or tiff or

or , if possible , support for

or a libre alternative like imagemagick?

i am for the moment trying things with osc and vision software Scene.
and html interface in purrdata supports a higher load of messages for
display than tcl tk .

on linux (mint) it works great for me on an old  pentium dual core laptop
but opengl is too old and slow, just ok for tests

btw, is it possible to send a html patch window to a secondary monitor
and/or to use webgl?.

I would like to deploy installation in a classroom, for initiations.

after all, i was led to linux by windows pd crashes.
an all new world.



2017-09-30 17:10 GMT+02:00 Jonathan Wilkes <jancsika at yahoo.com>:

> > Hello List,
> > 1. Please don't ask why i use windows.
> > 2. please tell me if there is a better place to post about this.
> > 3. i installed purr-data 2.3.2 (and other versions before) on windows 10
> (x64).
> > gem is included but i startup i get :
> > GEM: image loading support: SGI
> > only
> > and i can't find a way of loading jpg or movies in gem.
> > if i load example pix_film opr pix_movie, i get
> > verbose( 0):[pix_movie]: AVI support verbose( 0):[pix_movie]: image
> support
> > [pix_film]: unable to open file: C:/Users/PC-VonoXS/Desktop/pour
> josep/capture014_type1.avi
> > (standard dv file , that used to work on pd-extended)
> > but gem 93.3 is quite old , especially for glsl stuff.
> Hi Py,
> I maintain Purr Data. I'll have a look at this.
> -Jonathan
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