[PD] How to build a Pd project like an application ?

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Thu Oct 5 23:49:59 CEST 2017

Hi Jérome

this works nice on windows,
perfect basis for teaching

i tried a bit of gem

Thanks Merci

output from startup

com ports are off in bios here

'pd-gui' connecting to 'pd' on localhost 5400 ...
Loading plugin: W:/Users/CUMBIA/Desktop/win/pd/tcl/pd_deken.tcl
Loading plugin: W:/Users/CUMBIA/Desktop/win/pd/tcl/pd_docsdir.tcl
Loading plugin: W:/Users/CUMBIA/Desktop/win/pd/tclplugins/menu_tree-
Loading plugin: W:/Users/CUMBIA/Desktop/win/pd/tclplugins/mode_colors-
Loading plugin: W:/Users/CUMBIA/Desktop/win/pd/tclplugins/mode_label-
GEM: Graphics Environment for Multimedia
GEM: ver: 0.93.3
GEM: compiled: Nov 10 2011
GEM: maintained by IOhannes m zmoelnig
GEM: Authors :    Mark Danks (original version)
GEM:        Chris Clepper
GEM:        Cyrille Henry
GEM:        IOhannes m zmoelnig
GEM: with help by Guenter Geiger, Daniel Heckenberg, James Tittle,
Hans-Christoph Steiner, et al.
GEM: found a bug? miss a feature? please report it:
GEM:     homepage http://gem.iem.at/
GEM:     bug-tracker http://sourceforge.net/projects/pd-gem/
GEM:     mailing-list http://lists.puredata.info/listinfo/gem-dev/
GEM: compiled for SIMD architecture: SSE2 MMX
GEM: using SSE2 optimization

    ♡ the zexy external  2.2.6svn
    ♡ (c) 1999-2012 IOhannes m zmölnig
    ♡       forum::für::umläute
    ♡       iem   @  kug
    ♡  compiled:  May 29 2015
    ♡ send me a 'help' message

matchbox: OSC-pattern matching code (c) Matt Wright, CNMAT
creb: can't load library
iemlib2 (R-1.18) library loaded!   (c) Thomas Musil 02.2012
   musil at iem.at iem KUG Graz Austria
iem_t3_lib (R-1.17) library loaded!   (c) Gerhard Eckel, Thomas Musil
   musil at iem.at iem KUG Graz Austria
[initbang] 0.2.1
    © IOhannes m zmölnig, IEM <zmoelnig at iem.at>
    compiled on Oct  3 2016 at 16:19:57
             against Pd version 0.47-0
comport - PD external for unix/windows
LGPL 1998-2015,  Winfried Ritsch and others (see LICENSE.txt)
Institute for Electronic Music - Graz
[comport]: could not open device COM1:

[comport] opening serial port 1 failed!
bytes2any: pdstring version 0.10-2 by Bryan Jurish
setting pattern to default: W:/Users/CUMBIA/Desktop/win/
pmenu v0.31 by tof
setting pattern to default: W:/Users/CUMBIA/Desktop/win/
setting pattern to default: W:/Users/CUMBIA/Desktop/win/
[arduino]: version_0.5
Malinette: Welcome to the Malinette
Malinette: Stay Free & Share ! - reso-nance.org
[pix_video]: backend #0='DS'    : directshow dv iidc analog

2017-10-03 15:33 GMT+02:00 <abel.jerome at free.fr>:

> Hi,
> I choose the "Egregore" patches way to share crossplatfom projects :
> - a startup script (.sh for mac and linux, .bat for windows)
> - pd from Miller Puckette Web site (compiled for linux)
> - ~20 externals download with Deken from 3 differents computers :
> win7/8/10 + mac osX + ubuntu ( ++ gaga  ++ )
> - project : malinette + tclplugins
> First attemps here : http://reso-nance.org/public/pd-malinette/test05/
> If someone want to try...
> Best
> Jérôme
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