[PD] No ALSA or OSS sound with Debian 9.1 (32 and 64bit) on an "Up Board"

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Sat Oct 7 09:30:31 CEST 2017

Never mind!

I found the problem. /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf was missing.
Working perfectly now with both ALSA and OSS.


> Hi everybody,
> I'm trying to run my rather complex Pd patch on an Up Board (x5-Z8350
> CPU,32GB eMMC, 4GB RAM).
> The board has the RPi formfactor but is much more powerful.
> The up board comes with ubilinux (64bit debian version especially for the Up
> Board).
> After spending a lot of time with ubilinux and the normal debian9.1 (64bit) 
> I
> couldn't stop it from constantly crashing when I opened my patch - for some
> unknown reason.
> As long as I was using ubilinux sound (alsa) was working at least. Not so 
> with
> debian, though.
> After giving up with the 64bit OS I installed debian 9.1 (32bit) and it's 
> running
> perfectly stable as before with my old amd hardware. No more crashes!
> All externals (except for "iemlib/mp3play~" and "toxy/tot" [not to be found
> anymore]) are working as expected.
> However, with the normal debian alsa is NOT giving me any sound!
> Then I compiled the kernel with oss but oss is not producing any sound
> either.
> I installed alsa-utils, alsa-base and alsa-tools-gui.
> I removed pulseaudio and I made sure alsa-utils would get started on startup
> (which it doesn't by default).
> Here is what I get from pd when turn on alsa:
> ALSA input error (snd_pcm_open): No such file or directory ALSA output
> error (snd_pcm_open): No such file or directory
> The (external USB-)sound card does show up in the drop down menu of Pd's
> audio settings for selection, though.
> So it is regognized both by pd and the operating system. I tried several
> different USB sound cards with the same result.
> Here is what I get when I try to open alsamixer from the LXTerminal:
> error when opening mixer: No such file or directory (original in German:
> Fehler beim ?ffnen des Mixer-Ger?tes: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht
> gefunden)
> When I use portaudio I'm actually getting sound but it is very quiet as the
> sound output is turned down by the system during start up.
> I can't find any way to turn the volume of the sound card up, though since I
> cannot open any mixer.
> Does anybody have an idea how I can get alsa to work?
> Debian tells me that "alsa-utils" and "alsa-base" is already installed with 
> the
> newest version (1.1.3-1 and 1.0.27+1).
> Thanks, Ingo

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