[PD] runtime failure with externals written in c++ on windows 10

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Oct 9 15:00:13 CEST 2017

On 2017-10-09 14:30, Settel Zack wrote:
> I have not used Gem in a while so I can not say.   So far I have encountered the problem with my own C++ externals.

given the bug-reports i receive about Win10 + Gem, i'm pretty sure it
*does* work for most people.

> I am using the MinGW 32 compiler (windows 10), with g++  (-dumpversion =  5.3.0)

hmm, one problem might be, that you are actually compiling 64bit
binaries, which a 32bit Pd cannot load (i'm not sure whether MinGW32 can
produce 64bit binaries in the first place; afaik, MinGW-W64 is easier to
setup and use and generally "much better" than MinGW32; however this can
produce 64bit binaries for sure, so you must tell the compiler/linker to
build 32bit binaries using the "-m32" flag or similar)


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