[PD] why not Purr Data?

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 9 15:25:47 CEST 2017

>> On Mon, 2017-10-02 at 18:34 +0000, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
>> > If supporting pure vanilla patches to their full extent would be a 
>> > stated goal of the Pure Data project, I'd have some incentive to
>> report 
>> > stuff, but it seems it isn't.
>> Supporting Pd Vanilla patches to their fullest extend is a goal of 
>> Purr Data.

> Up to which version? I'm asking about what you'd like to have reported 

> as bug and what rather not. The 'set' method to [dac~] was implemented 

> in Pure Data 0.47 (I guess) and is not yet supported in Purr Data. 

Please report it on the issue tracker:

>> What are the crashers you are experiencing?

> Re weird looking patches and unusuable GUIs: the flag -legacy pretty
> much nails it. Most of the patches I tested look good and work well.
> Two issues I encountered regarding the GUI part:

> 1) In Pure Data in a group of overlapping widgets, the lowest one grabs 

> the mouse commands (which is probably not a design decision, but it 

> proved helpful for certain hacks). In Purr Data, the most top one grabs 

> the mouse, which breaks such patches created in Pure Data. I'm not 

> proposing to change that behavior, as it probably seems more logical to 

> most users the way Purr Data does it, I'm simply pointing out 

> differences. 

Do you have patches which rely on that?

> 2) A self-made abstraction (GOP widget) that lets you scroll through a 

> list of and select an item, doesn't work well in Pure Data. Instead of 

> showing only the label of the last selected item, all labels stay and 

> thus end up in a black block after a while. I haven't investigated the 

> root cause yet.

Hard to tell without looking at it:


> Re crashes. I do experience some crashes, for instance when loading 

> certain netpd sessions (which does quite a lot of things including but
> not limited to  dynamically creating abstractions). But I haven't 

> investigated yet why. It may be due to an external I use which comes in 

> a different version in Purr Data.

> I will report back when I more useful data.


> Roman
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