[PD] Debian Pd-0.47.1 - location of path and startup file

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Wed Oct 11 16:34:16 CEST 2017

> #1 it seems that Pd fails to detect absolute filenames for the libraries.
> so if you try to load a library named "/foo/bar/baz" it will try to load
> (e.g.) "/usr/lib/pd/extra/foo/bar/baz".
> i'm not sure if this is intended behaviour.
> #2 why-oh-why do you have full pathnames in the libraries?
> e.g. usually the entry to load the "cxc" library should be "cxc", not
> "/usr/lib/puredata/extra/cxc".

When I add a library in Pd with "New" Pd starts at my home directory. When I 
select the path it adds the full path name.
If I don't want that I would have to remove the full path explicitly.

> furthermore, why-of-why do you have "/usr/lib/puredata/extra/cxc" rather
> than "/usr/lib/pd/extra/cxc"?
> is this deken's doing?

Yes, that's where Deken is installing on my system.
I havn't changed anything. I simply installed Debian 9.1 32-bit (fresh 
install) installed Pd 0.47.1 with apt-get.
I didn't change anything! Deken just installed the libs in 
I remember with an older version it installed into my home directory inside a 
folder with pd-externals - even if I installed as root.

> deken should not be able to install directly to "/usr/lib/puredata/"
> (unless you are running Pd as root, which you shouldn't do; and even then,
> deken would first try to install to "/usr/lib/pd/extra").

I was actually running Pd as root. But it certainly does not install into 
"/usr/lib/pd/extra/" where all externals libs install with apt-get.

> also, it seems that the library isn't there anyhow (since it fails to load), 
> so who
> invented that path and put it into your preferences?

As I mentioned - Deken did that automatically on a brand new system without 
any preferences changed.
Selecting the path from the preferences adds the full path. All libraries are 
working - I'm just getting these error messages during start up.

So, would you suggest moving everything to "/usr/lib/pd/extra" instead of 

If I don't use the full path, does Pd know whether I'm using 
"/usr/lib/pd/extra" or "/usr/lib/puredata/extra"?
Since I had some libs in ...pd/extra/ and others in ...puredata/extra/ it kind 
of would make sense to me to add the full path.

What if I wanted different external paths for different projects? E.g. to 
limit the amount of libraries for each project.
How would that work without a full path?


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