[PD] preview in Gem ? ...

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Mon Oct 16 13:50:35 CEST 2017

thanks a lot for all your suggestions !

i think i'll go the IOhannes route, seems to be the most practicable



Jack wrote:
> It is also possible to use [pix_share_read] and [pix_share_write] to
> share pix_ between two instances of Pd (with Gem).
> ++
> Jack
> Le 15/10/2017 à 20:15, IOhannes m zmölnig a écrit :
>> On 10/15/2017 08:10 PM, oliver wrote:
>>> hi, list !

>> the simplest solution is to just create a large window that gets
>> displayed both on your secondary "public" screen (in fullscreen) and on
>> your primary "control" screen (only a small portion).
>> then render everything into a framebuffer, and render *that* as a
>> texture on both the public and the control screen.

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